Sunday, February 23, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 054 – Feb 23rd

We are off to Imperia again. Time to sell some weapons in the slums. After a brief radio contact, we are permitted to land. We have 6 hours of daylight.

We get an event where we can purchase some illegal items, but we don’t have room for them in the ship. Dang it.

In the fifth hour, we can unload these side arms for a base price of 2. We get a 5 on the multiplier table, which is 10 times the normal price, so 20 each. You know what I am going to do next, don’t you?  Those pheromones can double the price so I use one. I roll a 6 and the effects are reversed, the price is halved. Damn. That sucks, but I don’t have to sell.

In my last hour, I get a roll of 4, which is no more rolls. Ugh.

1 Antelope starship with TL-5 Guns. I owe 117,000 secs. in principle.
1 TL-1 Ship’s Guns.
1 Hopper with boat guns, TL-3.
3 Boat guns, TL-2.
2 CU Status unit in Cockpit and Engineering, 8 1 CU Status units in Crew Quarters and 1 1 CU unit in Gunnery.
10 Fuel Units in the Ship’s Boat.
8 Repair units,
5 Life Support Units in the Ship’s boat.
7 PS-bots, 1 per character,
10 TL-1 military U-suits
6 TL-1 Heavy Hand Weapons for sale, 4 for characters use,
7 Side Arms TL-1, 1 Side Arm TL-3, and one TL-4.
7500 Side Arms TL-2.
10 TL-4 heavy hand weapons with explosive effects
4 Doses of pheromones (e009) in Duke’s pocket.
and the ship is fueled with 4 hypercharges.

I have 6,271 secs. We are wanted in the Palatek system.

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