Saturday, February 15, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 046 – Feb 15th

Talitar is a system with a viscous, military government. We encounter a scout on system entry.

It’s a small ship. If we want, we can take the first shot, flee or wait. 

Scout Ship from Events Page 10.
Click here to download from Dwarfstar Games.
We’re gonna kill it. Lefty takes the shot. We roll 1d6 per tech level of the guns, a result of one or two on each die indicates a hit for a point of damage. We have TL-5 guns, so Lefty rolls 5d6. We roll, 1, 5, 3, 1 and 4, which results in 2 points of damage. Normally, a ship can absorb 10 hits, but this is a tiny scout and goes down in those two hits.

Lefty is in the turret, Doc, Ratchet, Deadeye and Bones are in the Crew Quarters, and Duke and Emily are in the cockpit.

Why did I name the places the crew are located? The event says the scout gets off two shots at us, no matter what. One of the quickest, cheapest ways to die is being in a compartment that is vented to space. 

The first is a shot from TL-6 ship guns. They roll 6, 1, 2, 5, 3, and 2. If you roll a 1 and a 2 in the same series and you have no shields, it’s a pair of critical hits. Our communication gear fries and the boat hold is open to space. If any one had been in the hold, they'd be dead. We’ve taken 3 points damage.

The second gun fires. It’s a magneto-plasma gun, a unique weapon. This weapon strikes an area and kills the crew without damaging the ship. It automatically hits, and a die is rolled for location. It hits the cargo hold. Again, if anyone had been in there, it would have killed them. It does no damage to the ship itself.

We are lucky we killed this thing in one shot.

We are going to hangout in orbit and do some repair. I'm unwilling to set down before we have all of the damage fixed. I'd like to take that gun, but the rules say the ship was destroyed completely. 

1 Antelope starship with TL-5 Guns. I owe 117,000 secs. in principle.
1 TL-1 Ship’s Guns.
1 Hopper with boat guns, TL-3.
2 CU Status unit in Cockpit and Engineering, 8 1 CU Status units in Crew Quarters and 1 1 CU unit in Gunnery.
10 Fuel Units in the Ship’s Boat.
12 Repair units,
5 Life Support Units in the Ship’s boat.
7 PS-bots, 1 per character,
6 Heavy Hand Weapons for sale, 4 for characters use,
7 Side Arms TL-1, 1 Side Arm TL-3, and one TL-4.
13 U-suits, 7 for the crew, 5 for sale.
5 Doses of pheromones (e009) in secret compartment,
and the ship is fueled with 4 hypercharges.

I have 23,331 secs. We are wanted in the Palatek system.

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