Sunday, February 2, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 033

Alternate Hopper Designs
I forgot to buy hypercharges, yesterday. So let’s make those 10 rolls. 

11, 10, 10, 6, 5, 4, 5, 4, 5, and lucky #7. I’m able to refuel in the last hour of the day at a cost of 1,500 secs. Nothing else looked tempting, except the Pilot/Navigator and Engineer crewmen. I'll pass.

1 Antelope starship, which I owe 118,300 secs. in principle.
1 Hopper with boat guns, TL-1.
1 set of boats guns, TL-3.
2 CU Status unit in Cockpit and Engineering, 8 1 CU Status units in Crew Quarters and 1 1 CU unit in Gunnery.
10 Fuel Units (in Ship’s Boat).
12 Repair units,
14 Life Support Units,
1 U-bot,
7 PS-bots, 1 per character,
6 Heavy Hand Weapons for sale, 4 for characters use,
205 Side Arms for sale,
13 U-suits, 7 for the crew, 5 for sale.
and the ship is fueled with 6 hypercharges.

I have 3,531 secs. left over.

If you like the ships above, I have them stat'd out here.
I also have a generic drawing of all three for any sci-fi campaign, plus a double sized Blockade Buster. The Blockade Buster also has stats for Star Smuggler. And finally, I am working a completely different ship. This one is far to large for Star Smuggler, but would be great for Traveller or Star Frontiers.

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