Saturday, March 28, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 98 – March 28th.

This planet is dangerous as they are at war with Nipna. Duke, Lefty, David and Emily are out to get supplies. Michael and Jonathon are at the ready to pilot the ship and one of the hoppers. Deadeye is manning the guns for the ship.

Each roll is four hours, but if we can start an activity we are allowed to finish it. So that is three rolls.

We start with a 2, ransack an office. This is a bad idea which could get us arrested, so we pass on it.

Next we purchase some boat guns. Before the buy, we check to see if these are military grade, armor piercing guns (e54). They are not. They are tech level 6, so we’ll take that. They cost 150 each times 10. Well worth the money at 3000 secs. for two.

We get heavy hand weapons as our final roll (e50). They are Tech Level 4, have explosive rounds and cost a base price of 30. They end up costing 150 each, so we pass on them. We will try again tomorrow.

We have 219,360 in cash, have 7 hypercharges.  We are wanted on Palatek.

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