Saturday, March 21, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 081 – March 21st.

Aw geeze. I screwed up. I bought 660 side arms at 15 each only to realize I can only sell them for a maximum of 20 each. That is hardly worth the effort. We made 13200, but I have to pay the crew 1,188 or 132 each leaving 12,012. That was a great roll, but poor effect.

I'll probably get around to redrawing Deadeye. It looks like he's wearing a steel diaper. Since he or she never takes the mask off, I am not sure if he is a man or a woman. Perhaps we need a gender reveal because I know I've been flip flopping pronouns. As an added bonus, I wiped eraser dust off the drawing and it all ended up in the crotch area. "I don't need glasses to erase junk..."

We spend the last hour of the day moving to the Ruins. Deadeye is now fully healed.

I have 155,883 secs. We are wanted in the Palatek.

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