Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 078 – March 18th.

On entry to the New Karma system, we are mind probed. Ugh. Duke is struck dumb and the crew struggles to find a target as he takes damage. Deadeye locates a small ship and blasts it out of his sky. He is also struck by an incredible force. Both Duke (2 hits) and Deadeye (4 hits) are wounded, but we will recover.

I forget this game psionics. Cool, but not cool.

New Karma is one of those double planet systems. Nipna, Mynkuria, Talitar, New Karma and Byzatium are all double planets. I have always thought there might be a way to set up a trade route from planet A to Planet B, but haven’t really found a good one.

Let’s look at the areas on New Karma. Planet I has Slums, 2 Spaceports, Colony, Mining, Gambling, and 2 Industrial areas. Planet II has 2 Colonies, Military Base, Industrial, Ruins, Rural, Prison, and Rough. I think I could set up a trade route from the Ruins to a Spaceport.

We have no problems and land at the spaceport on Planet I. Before we start rolling, Deadeye, Duke, Lefty and Bones report to sick bay for healing. Emily takes the rest of the crew out to get supplies in the remaining 4 hours of daylight.

Emily hires a woman named Ace as a backup pilot then refuels the ships with Hypercharges by the end of the day.

Lefty and Bones are fully healed. Duke has one more day and Deadeye has 3 more days of healing.

I have 165,743 secs. We are wanted in the Palatek.

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