Sunday, December 22, 2019

52 Weeks of Magic - Item 39 - The Miller's Device

The Miller's Device is small hand held box. It is used to grind grains to flour. It is typically found in the homes of the very rich. It will grind enough flour for one day's baking needs of the house. These items are usually proportional to the size of the household, but as households change, sometimes the device will be to small or large for the house it supports.

The device is self-driven and can be left unattended, except in the case where it is too small for the house and needs to be refilled with grain. The functioning of the device creates a loud grinding sound and moves on it's own. It can mill enough flour for the house in 4 hours, even if it needs to be reloaded several times.

The device merely grinds grains, it does not create anything.

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