Sunday, August 2, 2020

#RPGADAY2020 3. Thread


This one is tough. It has to be. Every campaign, no matter the system or rules starts with an idea. How that idea changes over time is the thread. 

Rather than suggest any number of things, I would rather remember some of the epic games that would have gone off the rails if I didn't have hold of that thread. 

I started a campaign without any real idea of where things were going. I pulled out B2 The Keep on the Borderlands and let things go where they would. 

I didn't see where it was all going, but it was a hell of a lot fun. First the player bailed on searching the Caves of Chaos. They did a bit of reconnaissance and returned to the Keep for a few NPC or different characters. They picked up a dwarf and cleric, to round out a party of a thief, a wizard and two fighters. Good call, I thought. 

These two new characters didn't do much fighting, which is odd for a party not to risk their NPCs over their own characters. Well, of course somehow two of my players started playing the NPCs as PCs. I didn't expect that, but I was fine with it. 

The next surprise was the PC negotiating with the Kobolds. That wasn't terribly surprising, but the party went back to the Keep and returned with a door. A door they stole from the keep. The dwarf installed it for a kobolds. From this secure area, they advanced on the orcs above. Once they cleared them out, they stole another door from the Keep.  

"Are you guys planning on moving in or something?" I asked. 

They were. 

I have to say this wasn't our main campaign, but it was a nice place to escape to when other things weren't working out in our main campaign. The thread in this case was humor, exploration and enjoyment. 

I still have a brick joke about the quality of doors, which creeps it's way into every campaign from this one. It's been 30 years or more, but this thread is still alive despite not being the one I meant to create. 

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