Friday, August 7, 2020

#RPGADAY2020 7. Couple

Day 7, Couple. 

Well, it's my wife's birthday, so I gonna go with that. 

She prefers games with solid rules, like Risk or Monopoly and with the option to flip a table. So, yeah, Risk or Monopoly. She doesn't like D&D or anything else with fluid rules. But she does love whimsy.

A few years back I forgot to order her a birthday cake. As I went out the door to get her a cake (really, any cake) she said, "I can't wait to see what you had them put on it." 

"Oh, sh---." I found a cake, but there was nothing on it. It was the plainest, white colored cake a cake could be. My kids insisted that we decorate it and shouted out all of these insane ideas that couldn't be done in a day, let along 15 minutes before a party.

I told them, "I got this." The clerk looked at me like I was insane. I asked if she could draw a line, starting and ending two black circles, the size of dimes. The clerk shrugged and drew what I asked for. She had no idea what it meant. 

The kids cheered. The clerk was startled. They told her it was the best cake, ever. She muttered, "Okay?" 

When my wife opened it, she shrieked, "BAYMAX CAKE!" right along with the kids. 

She loves structure, I love chaos. We're a good couple. 

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