Thursday, January 30, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 030

We need to get home in a flash, so we are making a double jump. It burns 3 hypercharges. On entry to Regari, we see a ship under repair. There is no encounter.

We need a lot of different things, so we are going to an Industrial area. It takes 4 hours to get there.

We buy 200 Tech Level 1 Side Arms at a cost of 1000. We get no other good rolls.

I pay the crew, which is 80 secs., including Emily who is still trapped in status.

Our assets are:

1 Antelope starship, which I owe 118,300 secs. in principle.
1 Stasis pod 2 CU, (In use, holding Emily.)
2 Repair units,
4 Life Support Units
1 U-bot,
7 PS-bots,
2 U-suit,
10 Heavy Hand Weapons,
210 Side Arms,
and the ship is fueled with 3 hypercharges.

1 Boat guns, TL-3,
5 U-suits.

I have 6,981 secs.

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