Thursday, January 23, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 023

We are still in the city. We have 7 skimmers to sell and I can roll once an hour.

I get another 10 right off the bat. But then roll a 1 which means these skimmers are worth 30 each. No deal. Roll again.

I get a 5 then a 10. I finally get that luck six, which means the Skimmers are worth 20 times more than their base price. That’s a total of 4200 secs.

Before I leave, I pay the crew early and pay that ship payment. I throw an extra 1000 at the principle. That works out to 70 secs. salary for the crew, 1,300 for the interest and to pay down the principle owed on the ship. Remember, there is no adjustment in the interest payment. I read that rule wrong the first time I played and won rather easily by counting the 300 secs. of interest against the principle.

I boost for orbit and then 4 steps out where I will pause for the rest of the day. Technically, I don’t have to pause, but it makes record keeping easier when you are blogging the results. I could back at Regari today, but I want a fresh start in the morning.

Our assets are:

1 Antelope starship, which I owe 118,300 secs. in principle.
1 Stasis pod 2 CU,
15 Fuel Units,
3 Repair units,
20 Life Support Units,
1 U-bot,
2 PS-bots,
7 U-suit,
and the ship is fueled with 4 hypercharges, having used 2 to get here.

I have 3,425 secs. in my pocket. And I feel great!

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