Thursday, January 2, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 002

Having reviewed the game Star Smuggler, I wanted relive my past and play it. If you aren't familiar with the game, you can read the review here or download the whole game there.

This series will be a day-by-day play through of the classic game Star Smuggler from the point of view of the fictional hero, "Duke".

Dear Diary,

I don't really have a U-suit,
but I do have a sidearm.
It's day two of my criminal career and I am just as bad as being a criminal as I was as a trader. In the last hour daylight yesterday, we took off from the spaceport to the ruins. The ship can move without expending fuel, but is way easier to detect entering an area.  

So what are we doing?

The ruins have all kinds of junk scattered around. Emily and I are scouting around looking for stuff to salvage. I get just two chances a day to find something of use, it takes 5 hours to investigate a section of the ruins.

In the top half of the day, we found an intact but fuel-less skimmer and the bottom half of the day a single repair unit. A skimmer can hold six cubic units (CU) of stuff and takes up 10 CU worth of space in the

At the end of the 10 hour day, we're sore, but have some loot. Here are financials, crew status and assets at the end of day one:

1 Antelope starship,
1 Hopper with 15 units of fuel,
1 Stasis pod 2 CU,
26 Repair units,
1 Skimmer
and the ship is fully fueled with 6 hypercharges.

Emily, weekly pay 15 secs. Sign-on bonus of 20. Death pay to the family is 200. Let's not die, ok?
Ratchet, weekly pay 15 secs. Sign-on bonus of 15. Death pay is 120.
Doc, weekly pay 10. No bonus which feels weird and death payment to family is 80.

Designated Heir: Emily.

I still owe 120,000 secs. in principal on the ship. I have 350 secs. in my pocket.

Spacesuits are called Utility Suits
or U-Suits in this game. 
If anything on the ship was more than Tech level one, we'd be doing maintenance to keep it in operation. Tech level adds a bonus to most things, but the higher the tech, the more likely it will breakdown. Rolling under the Tech level indicates a breakdown, which means T-1 level items never breakdown, but have no bonuses. 

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