Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Tek - November 2020

My stats for DriveThruRPG were lack luster. I really need to remaster these or do something new. 

 AD&D Character Sheet For Use with Unearthed Arcana: 5
 Compass Rose Inn Minisetting: 0
 Kobold's Folly: 0
 Swashbuckler Character Class for D&D and AD&D: 0
 These Old Games Presents: The Hex Pack: 0
 Zero to Hero: Uncommon Commoners: 4

My spending on DriveThruRPG was up a bit this month. I have also incured a lot of cost by upgrading my computer's memory and purchasing a new Kindle Fire. I hope to offer my DriveThruRPG books as both epub and PDF, so this may pay off. As it stands, I'm about $110 in the hole right now. 

Webstats are continuing to trend upwards. You can really see the mid-month slump I fall into. Sessions are down while pageviews are up. Users seem to be hanging around longer each visit. That's great news!

Google Analytics Pageviews - 1,348
Google Analytics Sessions - 686
Pageviews per Session - 1.9657

Amazon ads revenue has fallen off and was easily overtaken by DriveThruRPG ad revenue. That's ok. 


  1. I'm glad my wife is so smart, because I am dumb, dumb, dumb. I pity our children.

    I do not track with the metrics, but I have only two observations:

    RE: "Page Views" I am a D&D fan, it takes me back to being a kid and that joy of wonder. I do not view the Sci-Fi stuff on your site because the entire genre just doesn't hit me right. Maybe there is a difference between the Sci-fi and the Fantasy content in terms of engagement.

    We still have a million colleague and employee AMZN gifts to purchase, plus the neverending merciless needs of my family. Can I click an Amazon spot here on your page and spend, and thus deliver benefit to you from purchases I was already making anyway?

    Or, do I have to buy the specific items in your ads (as opposed to the generic Amazon click) in order for you to benefit? If so, I can tell you the things I will be buying, and you can spot-ad them. If I can understand the system, I can work within it and optimize.

    'There is no prison we can't break out of, or into' - Edmund Bunker

  2. Generally, any link from here can result in a benefit to me even if you don't purchase the product advertised. If you click on a book and order a squeegee, that works. I've actually seen that one before.

    As far as the content goes, I can see my least popular genre is Video Games of any kind. Going the other direction, I see that my science fiction posts are more popular than my D&D posts by 4 to 1 margin. There are probably a bunch of reasons for that.

    The vast majority of these sci-fi posts are on Star Smuggler. It's almost 1/4 of all my posts. I don't see that game getting talked up on any other website. Maybe I'm the only game in town.

    Second, all of my Star Wars game themed posts are applicable to D&D as the rules are just a reskinned version of the popular d20 system. Star Frontiers is sci-fi, but was made by TSR. That probably gets a lot of nostalgic readers. These SW and SF readers are also D&D players, but like the retro feel of these games.

    Not that I'll stop posting D&D themed items, I wouldn't have the sci-fi readers without that D&D readership. People come by and chat about the D&D stuff far more often than they comment on a sci-fi post. Plus D&D is my favorite game.