Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Final Post of 2020

Hey, how about a respective post about 2020? Yeah, no. 

2020 was a dud. Today, I'll post a couple of images. Back when this s---show started, I pushed myself to practice drawing. 

I burned through pens and paper like crazy. Princesses, dragons, castles, knights, cat's, horses. I drew until I ran out of stuff to draw on and with. 

Thankfully, I resupplied in summer. And I'm still at it. 

This is a rough pencil drawing of a castle I'm working on. I've drawn it before and I'll probably draw it again. 

I wanted to work with my brush pen but it ran out a couple of months ago. 

This scratchy horse was done with a .5 sharpie pen. It was an iffy save. I figured I'd work on crosshatching if I couldn't do brush work. I don't know how I forgot that brush pen gave out and I never replaced it.

Ah, 2020. Kiss my... 

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