Tuesday, October 15, 2019

#Inktober2019 Update - Tiny maps

I'm still working on Inktober projects. I have started doing tiny maps. Sometimes, when you are working on a large product, taking a break and doing something against the grain is helpful or at least destressing.

This is a motte and bailey castle layout, as yet uninked.

It's a copy of one of my dad's castles, a type of shell keep. While it won't end up in one of my D&D campaigns, the finished item could be good for yours. I'll scan it when I'm done.




  1. Motte and bailey castles have been on my mind a lot lately for a setting I'm thinking about. A newly settled frontier region is protected by one. Comparatively quick and easy to construct until something more permanent and sturdy can be constructed. The characters will use it and the small village in and around the bailey as a base.

  2. Neat! I have a campaign based on Rome, so I don't get to have Motte and Baileys, although I want to it.

  3. I'm tempted by a Roman or Greek styled setting too. So much to work with there.

    1. I am thinking of publishing this on DriveThruRPG. I'd probably do it as a 128+ page book, map on one page, NPC characters, game hooks and other things on the facing page. I would think ruleset agnostic would be best for such a thing.

    2. I would definitely be interested in something like that.