Wednesday, October 2, 2019

#Inktober2019 - First Rule. DHYB - Updated

I'm watching people upload their videos for Inktober. I don't have the equipment but still want in on the game. I made a 20 second video demonstrating my personal technique.

The first rule is, Don't Hold Your Breath. I also tend to draw standing up and really don't care which way the image is orientated. Turn and turn.

Thank you Nathan for the camera work.

Edit - I think I'll combine all of my updates into one post to save time and energy. I really want to work on the sword, but the ring around Magik's legs is more important. However, there is one problematical part - the hands. I am not great a drawing hands and if I botch it, I'm starting over.

It seems ok. I find hands and feet to be the hardest part and in this image, that are is swinging across her front. A mistake here is unfixable. I  think I handled it well.

Before I start with the teleportation ring, let me give some background as to how I did this. I took a pyrex bowl lid and held it over the drawing and traced the outline. This gives the disc a 3 dimensional shape. Sort of cheating, but an interesting cheat.

Since the lid had depth and a rim, I could see the drawing distort through those edges. I actually wanted to do something different with the disc. The first thing that came to mind was water, but then I had a different idea.

What I want to do is combine some of the aspects of water, like refraction. But I also wanted to have a distortion of the disc to perhaps eat up some of the background. I thought that the light lines of an accresion disc would do nicely. I already have the refraction lines drawn, those are the horizontal marks in the disc. This would be her legs shifted left and right in alternating bands.

Next will come the halo. The image below is of a black hole's disc, and you can see the back edge extend "upwards". It's not actually "upwards" of anything. As the light passes around the edge of the black hole, the shortest path kisses the edge of that sphere, revealing more of the disc than could otherwise be seen. I didn't draw it like this, but I am hoping to copy some of the effect to lighten the background.

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