Sunday, April 12, 2020

Episode 001 - Why I hate Walking Dead and the New Star Wars Films almost as much as I hate 5th Edition D&D

Title says it all, come on over to the dark side and take a listen as to why.

While you are processing that, let me tell you about the music. It is a track called Sovereign by Kevin MacLeod, available through the Creative Commons License.

Sovereign by Kevin MacLeod.

The Original is acceptable.

This is also acceptable.

I don't think so...


  1. None of these "story tellers" can keep their own story "straight." "Rules" of their "universe" are suspended at will.

    I absolute hate that crap. I despise all three of these even more than you do.

  2. Oh n... YES! Thanks for listening.

  3. Funny how Annikan is a young force ghost and Obi Wan is an old one. I know its movie magic audience recognition but Obi Wan got screwed.