Sunday, January 15, 2023

Step One Complete - Most Ads Removed

As promised in my previous post, I have deleted a bunch of ads. Nearly 75 of them. It was an annoying process of hunt and peck. This group was from Rakuten Advertising, a company I never really jelled with. The ads featured images that were good, but the image size was always too large for my website. 

Next up is AbeBooks ads. I have to target the code for the links which is an interesting tactic. 

It's kind of liberating not having to think about ads. 

I have added two more items to the "cut and trim" list. I'm going to kill my Anchor and accounts (complete). I really don't need locals and it is very unlikely that I go back to podcasting. It was a COVID Crisis moment. You know the bit where you personally believe you are having some sort of existential crisis but on further reflection, it doesn't exist? 

COVID=Threat or Danger.
I ran out of podcasts in the middle of an epidemic=not worth thinking about.  

You see how that doesn't make sense, so off it goes. 

Maybe... just maybe, I will revisit podcasting someday. 

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