Monday, January 2, 2023

#CharacterCreationChallenge - Star Smuggler - Emily Pilot/Gunner

This is an odd choice of rules for #CharacterCreationChallenge, but Star Smuggler is one of my favorite games. It is a solo game where the player takes the role of Duke Springer a roguish merchant ship pilot. The ruleset is super light as it needs to be for solo play, but I've found it has enough meat to handle full parties and several players. It has some of the spirit of Traveller, but not enough to be a replacement for Traveller. 

You can pick up a set of rules for play at Dwarfstar Brainiac. The set will allow you to print and play this game, which is very nice of the authors. Due to the collapse of the company, Dennis Sustare never got paid for this one but still allows Dwarfstar to host the files. 

All characters have 3 stats: Marksmanship, Hand to Hand, and Endurance. The main character Duke, your avatar has one additional statistic, Cunning generated by a 1d6. 

Duke's stats are: 

Marksmanship: 5
Hand to Hand: 6
Endurance: 10
Cunning: 1d6 (2 in this iteration). 

He has a starship, the Antelope with Tech Level 1 guns, a hopper, and he has 1d6x100+150 Secs, the money in this system. He can use starship guns, and smaller hand weapons plus pilot the Antelope and the Hopper. Oddities he lacks are the ability to use heavy weapons (depending on the players reading of the rules) cannot drive a land vehicle and can't fix his own stuff. 

I invented Emily as a Duke analog, with a different loadout. She can use all of the same weapons and equipment as Duke, but can also drive land vehicles. She does not come with a starship, hopper, or anything else Duke receives at the start. As a consequence, she can roll for her equipment's Tech Levels and receives 2d6x100 Secs. to start. Her stats are generated as follows with results in parentheses: 

Marksmanship: 1d6+2 (8)
Hand to Hand: 1d6-1 (4)
Endurance: 1d6+2 (7)
Cunning: 3

Only her Cunning is locked in at 3, everything else is randomly generated. Where Duke is excellent in melee, she is better at Marksmanship. And by a lot. No other character receives a +2 to any stat, so she is dangerous with guns. 

As you can see from the drawing, she's had more than a few iterations. 

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