Thursday, January 5, 2023

#CharacterCreationChallenge - Ruleset OSE - Mugwar the Ranger - For the Fame

 Ah! The Adventures I have... not known? 

Last year, I made an impulse purchase of the Dungeon Masters Adventure Log (Link to Noble Knights). I know this is an item I always wanted, but never had and when I saw it at Noble Knight Games, I had to have it. As you can see from the image above, someone wrote in it... as they should. Nowadays, I can just scan and photoshop a new book for myself but there is a lot of value to me in a pre-loved book. 

There are some initials in it (which a cropped out) and a few hints as to what was happening to these characters. It appears the party had just run S2 White Plume Mountain (Link to Noble Knights) and survived. Of course, these aren't full-character sheets, but I can guess what they might have looked like. 

Here is my rendition Mugwar the 8th-level Ranger: 

Level 8 Ranger 
Armour Class -3 (+2 elven chainmail armour + ring of protection +3)
Hit Points 54
1 × Long Bow (1d6) or 
1 × Two-Handed Sword (1d10)
1 × Dagger (1d4)
Movement Rate 90' (30')
Saves D8 W9 P10 B10 S12
Alignment Lawful
STR 12 INT 11 WIS 9
DEX 18 CON 16 CHA 10
Spells invisibility to animals [See Advanced Fantasy]
Now, the difficulty comes in matching that -3 AC. With an 18 Dex, we hop from 9 to 6. Add in chainmail and we are at 2, leaving us 5 short. Let's skip a shield and use magic to get us lower.  

There are a couple of options from here. 

I like the possibility of  +2 Elven Chain bringing us to AC 0. And a magic ring of protection to get us the rest of the way. 

 At least that is what I would want my Ranger to look like.  

Now, there is this tiny, tiny chance that the player of Mugwar is still around and playing. Perhaps some magic will happen and we will get a real answer. 

You can also use DriveThru as a source for White Plume Mountain at this link. They do not have the Dungeon Masters Adventure Log available. 

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