Monday, May 17, 2021

Tinkering Again With Artwork

I am getting ready to revamp my Kobold's Folly book. I plan to recreate it as a full scale module. The image at the right is how I originally envisioned the Folly. 

The Kobolds accessed the Folly from a cave system below. I find that the style of Worldographer is not up to the task and I am looking for an alternative style. It's wonderful for producing battle mats and large scale maps, but not so hot with cave systems. 

I'd like the base the system of caves on Carlsbad Caverns. I've been reviewing maps and brochures of the place for weeks. The cavern under the Folly is much smaller than Carlsbad Caverns. 

I've also been looking at the art in DMGR1 Campaign Sourcebook and Catacomb Guide. This book is one of my favorite's even though it's technically e2 D&D. At the time of e2's launch, I didn't realize that it was a revamped system and was using willy nilly in my AD&D campaigns. I love the isometic projections in this book and would probably want to copy that style. 

My inclination is to go hand drawn, but not really hand drawn. The above was an experiment with my Wacom Bamboo using Gimp. 

Next up is just penwork. 

This style isn't bad, but I'm not so sure about color. 

I'd like to match this style if I could. It's close to the style in the Sourcebook above, while not an exact match.  


  1. Since initial purchase, I thought Kobolds' Folly was worthy of a full-blown module. When the product is ready, I'll be in line.

  2. Thank you for the purchase and the vote of confidence! This particular setting requires a bit of background work, so it might be a little different from your standard fare of OSR modules.

  3. I composed and sold a private commission entitled 'Tales of Myull' in late 2018, to an old-school D&D enthusiast (he 55, me 49 although 46 at the time) who loved the idea of a 1st-person comp from the perspective of a "Professional Pack Mule" so much he tendered the entire advance after only a 2,000 word treatment. I stand ready to do the same for KF. If you have a pre-sale or signature list, tell me what to contribute. Revenue has a tendency to turn art into work, yes, but for many others it is motivating to have (kobold) skin in the game. (No kobolds were flayed in the generation of this Comment)