Friday, November 1, 2019

52 Weeks of Magic - Item 36 - Ring of the Mile

The Ring of the Mile is a curious item of dubious benefit. The ring allows the character to teleport without error, a distance up to 4 times their walking speed, within a line of sight. The ring will only carry the wearer and whatever they are carrying. If a second person is carried, their entire weight must be on the wearer, which makes the process difficult. 

The character using the ring will vanish in a puff of golden sparks and appear in a cloud of black smoke which quickly dissipates. They are very easy to spot, the difficulty in tracking them are physical obstacles and their speed. 

The ring is activated in a single segment by twisting it. The ring will function once per round for any number of rounds. 

The user will find that the ring will drain their endurance, as if they had run that distance. After 5 uses per day, the character must make a saving throw vs. Paralysis to continue using the ring. The total SAFE distance the ring can transport someone is about a mile or so. If the saving throw is made, the character must roll on the following table for each additional use:  

1-2 Staggered: On one knee.
3-4 Grounded: On both knees.
5 Prone: Face down on the ground. Can only see 60 feet forward, and 120 feet left and right. 
6 Supine: Face up on the ground. Can only see to the left and right.
7 Tears: The character can barely see. There is 50% chance of reversing direction.
8 Eyes shut: The character has lost the ability to see.

None of these effects will prevent the use of the ring, however it will make traveling in a specific direction nearly impossible. Characters will recover from any of these effects in 3 rounds. Many of the status will cause a second character to be separated from the wearer. If the second character takes up the ring, they do not start at zero; they start at the point where the other user was and may become incapacitated on the first use. 

Failing the save will cause the person to flop to the ground for 5 rounds. After this time has passed, any movement (walking, crawling, etc.) will cause the character to roll on the above table for the next four rounds.  

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