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Friday, August 30, 2019

#RPGaDay2019 - Familiar/Obscure - Tonight's Recap

I have the good ol' pregame jitters tonight as I get ready for another D&D session. Feels familiar.

Let's recap what is happening. In the last recap, the players nearly wiped but recovered nicely. On the map below, they are at the blue crossed swords. They intend to run down the coastline to that small settlement. 

The party moves at 2 hexes a day, perhaps a bit faster on a road. You can review the party's state here.

Now for the obscure part of the post.

Last time I posted 5 numbers: 28, 53, 58, 52, and 10. They are from a particular random encounter table and 28 is Wild Horses. The first thing the party will encounter is two horses running by, followed by a third with a saddle and bridle.

This is where tonight's story starts. Check back tomorrow to see how it goes.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

RPGaDay2019 - Ancient - Classical Hack

My dad's obsession with Ancients, the Romans in particular, set me on a path to play RPGs.  

Lately, he has been on to bigger and better stuff. From his Facebook page

Or his webpage, Classical

My dad has a passion, and he passed that on to not just me but many people. I love that. Check out all of his titles, produced by my mom at LMW Works

RPGaDay2019 - Space - SF-0

I wanted to switch things up an ran a Star Frontiers campaign, starting with SF-0. My players broke the scenario horribly, but it was fun as hell. They managed to get their hands on every survival pack in the shuttle by capturing pirates using a stunner. Then they liquidated them on the surface of the planet.

They were the kings of ambush tactics.  

RPGaDay2019 - Share - The Music

My friend Mark would create a mix tape for each campaign and hand them out. They were themed to the scenarios and what he planned. He would quietly play one for our sessions.

I lost every one of those tapes, but damn did they leave a memory. Good thing, too. I don't own a cassette player.

One of my favorite songs from all of those tapes was Biko.

He shared more than he knew. This song still raises goosebumps every time I hear it.

#RPGaDay2019 - Engage - "Engage!"

From '87 to '94, all of our games, D&D or otherwise, started with the word: "Engage!" We would gather at a friends house and do all of our housekeeping while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.

More often than not the episode ended with Picard saying "Engage!" and the end credits rolled. We complied.

RPGaDay2019 - Unique - Red Spot

Every campaign is unique. A friend based his campaign on the Chronicles of Naria and no one noticed, we were all bemused by a serious, somber Father Christmas needing help. 

Another DM determined that all red Will-o-Wisps were good and helpful creatures. They became ubiquitous in his campaign and even had their own sound effects. After a while, we all noticed that they were the Red Spots from the 7-Up ads.

#RPGaDay2019: First - Jaime the Fearsome

The first character I ever had was Jaime. He had a sword, chaimail armor and few other items from the Red Box set equipment list. He made it to 2nd level before AD&D happened, and he went away.

I have a character named Jaime in every D&D campaign I run, either as a PC or an NPC. The stats for the current, 2019 Jaime are below. You can download the entire sheet here.

This current iteration was intended to be a woman, but for whatever reason the player interpreted the "gown" on the character sheet as a "dressing gown", like Author Dent.