Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Go Nuts!

Well, it's one of those days. Explosive creativity with little or no focus. In my last post, I shared the images I used to highlight my series posts. Not only did that involve Inkscape, it required Bluefish for html editing. I just need 5 more and I'll be done. I can do that another time. Can't stop now to finish something. 

I ran to the store for stuff for dinner. Before I left, I painted a panel of wood for a photographic background for my model series.

When I got home, the background was dry. So, I took some photos using a single lamp. It's not how I will do it when I launch this series, but I wanted quick results. No need to get all fancy with tiny details like using the correct lighting. 

I edited the photos down to web sized chunks. (For my own future sanity, I cropped each 2520 x 1800 then halved the resolution so they be 1260 by 900.)  

I took pictures of 3 unpainted ships and decided I needed some color. 

Well, that wasn't good enough. So I photographed an X-Wing toy. 

But that wasn't my paint job. I haven't painted figures in years. Since I had the paint out, I slapped some on a few mechs. Little details mostly, because I can't focus for more than a few minutes. 

Eh, whatever. It's just a few pictures, nothing important. 

My wife was listening to Dave Matthews Band which gave me an idea. I'd edit some album covers, for lord knows what reason. Perhaps to sell her on the idea that I need a vinyl cutter.

Not bad. I need some sort of vinyl cutter so I can do something with these. Because records are vinyl and these are images of records.

Yup. It all makes perfect sense. 

After that, I made dinner. Chicken and broccoli stir fry. I figured since I was at it, I'd make my special "dog fry" which is chicken scraps, a dash of rice and broccoli for the dog. Dogs can't eat onions or garlic, so this is a safe way to make her something special as a treat. 

I decided to add in a mix of water chestnuts, onions, celery and carrots. Sure, I'd have to go back to the store, but why not? I love that stuff. 

I had the cutting board out, I decided to treat myself with riced cauliflower. Since I was playing safe with the dog, riced cauliflower is better for me than rice. I chopped it all by hand. Riced cauliflower is great because I can't eat rice. I'm diabetic. 

Oh, shhhhiii....  I forgot one thing today. I didn't check my blood sugar after lunch. Hmm.

Yeah, I didn't notice that until I caught myself cooking, praying and talking to my son who is currently half a country away in Texas. That is classic automatism, when the body acts on it's own. It's pretty rare in diabetics, occuring in the tiny window between sanity and coma. 

Yeah... the little details. 

This is what I was fighting last year about this time. Nice to know things don't change. 

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