Sunday, April 18, 2021

This Is Not Post 999

This is not post 999. 

This whole blogging thing started back in 2011. I wanted to create a blog about the game MYST. Check out this link to The Wayback Machine to my first website called Pretender to the Power

Back then I had some goals that are still a driving force on this current iteration of my blog. I had an update section, a piece on artwork, models and figurines, a planned section for music which never really got off the ground, a movie review section which I only tangentially touch on for These Old Games, computer write ups, and plans to add more.

A decade later, many or most of these ideas still drive me. A little over 10 years of practice has lead me to over a thousand blog posts when you count all of the stuff lost over the various iterations of this blog. 

So, this is not 999. It's more. And it will continue to be more. 

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  1. $50 AMZ. Cat food. Caves of Cat Food.

    Sorry, no need to buy prom dresses this year . . . even Graduation(s) will be tough!