Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Gaming Garden - Phase One Complete.

Phase one of the Gaming Garden is complete. My son and I build a raised bed from wood scraps in the garage. It's light pine and a 2x2 cut up for stakes to hold it together.  

I busted up a four foot by eight foot section of grass with a shovel, laid down some compost I had from several years of yard clippings. Then the grass went back on top, upside down. 

In a week or so, phase two will start up. More layers to the raised bed: soil and mulch. Then I have a month or so of rest before the plants go in. It's like planning a D&D campaign. 

Don't let anyone tell you need power tools for this sort of job. Just go get the power tools from the start and save your hands. I regret using hand tools for the whole project. Everything hurts. 

But if it makes a nice backdrop for summer gaming in the backyard, it will be worth it. Last year, we spend a lot of time outside and 2021 is looking to be a rebuilding year. No family vacation this year. 

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  1. Looks fantastic, a cool father & son project (and I hope you took pictures; someday he departs your tax return) and you were right to involve power tools immediately. We did this several years ago and admittedly threw some money at cedar frames. I was concerned that there might be bowing on the long side after a season of settlement. THEN the killer was adding quality soil! The math staggered me when we dumped bag after bag after bag and bag and bag into the frame. Something like $60 worth of soil, plus maple compost and forest loam. You will get very handy with the weed-trimmer when mowing starts in May along the exterior. The reward is when those heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers come to life. Well done.