Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The 2021 Reading List... So Far.

I have a full reading list that keeps getting longer. I'd like to do a bunch of reviews this year as my yearly series. I have acquired a lot of new books already and it's not even my birthday yet. 

In no particular order, here is what's on my reading plate. From Dunromin University Press, SM16 The Book of Legends. The description reads, "In the style of a Rogues Gallery, this new publication from Dunromin University Press if chock-full of ideas and resources for any games master."

EDIT Jan 25th: It looks like this title got an update. 

New Book
SM16 The Book of Legends
SM16 The Book of Legends

From Rick Wayne, I have two titles in the Feast of Shadows series. 

And a few more titles from DriveThruRPG: 

Domain Building from Third Kingdom Games plus Lake of Abomination Map PacketThe Lake of Abominations -- Hex 17.23 and OSR Alternative Classes from the same company. 

This week I'll probably finish the Domiano series by R. A. MacAvoy. 

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