Thursday, November 5, 2020

#TBT Post - Top Posts

It's a best of post for Throwback Thursday. 

My top book review post is for the Moldy Unicorn by Nate Treme. I love that little book. 

For my own products, The Hex Pack was number one. It's such a simple product, but it is adaptable to everything from B/X to Traveller. 

My top D&D post is a semi-tie. The best D&D post is a link to Benjamin Connell’s 3.5 D&D sheet. It's not my content yet it's a top contender for search results every month. I have no idea why it is that popular, even if it's my favorite character sheet. 

As far as my own D&D content goes, the top posts goes to a surprise contender: First Born, Unicorn. This post makes the AD&D Unicorn a playable character. It worked very nicely when my wife ran the character through a dungeon. It might not be for anyone, but it just goes to show you how adaptable D&D rules are in general and specifically AD&D. 

I think I need five. So let's have a bit of science fiction. For some reason my review of WotC's Star Wars game outpaces all other sci-fi posts. 

But I already did a book review. So, let's look at the next most popular post. That is Starship Deck Plans for Antelope Alternates for Star Smuggler. That also surprises me because I think it was one of my weaker designs. 

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