Sunday, November 8, 2020

Episode 005 and 006 - Star Smuggler, Creativity on the Go, Off the Rails, and more.

This is it, another podcast or two. I managed to record two podcast this weekend and I decided to release them both at once. These are much shorter than my normal episode, but not by much. 

In episode 005, I talk about taking creativity on the go, driving and going off the rails. I apologize for the poor quality, this one was an experiment to record while out and about in my car. 

I've also got to work on all those ahs! and ums! but it was worth a try. These 4 segments cover new ideas for on the go, podcasts in general and having your game go off the rails. 

Episode 6 covers Star Smuggler gameplay and design, plus Miledown! a new title I am working on for release on DriveThruRPG. 

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