Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Fortress of Titan's Gate

I'm stuck doing laundry tonight, so I sketched out another inside out fortress.
Sorry, I took the picture in my car. 

A couple of thoughts formed this structure. There is a breech to another demonic dimension at the bottom of the ravine. The walls were built over time to make the location defensible. In the center of the ravine is a ziggarat held by the defenders. Immediately to the east of the ziggarat is The Ironwood, the largest living thing in the battlezone. 

Other areas are named:
Ophidian Contagion,
The Seige,
Vermin Sill, 
Axis of Tears,
The Retort, 
Razor Rock,
The Well of Life,
Mantle of the Soul,
The Pale Plain,
The Peril,
Fool's Stand,
Sanctuary Point, 
The Kinds, 
The Titan's Gate,
Jen's Barracks,
Banner Harbour,
Bacon Row,
Pride's Spire,
The Court of the Dead, 
Legion Furrow,
And Minstrels Hall. 

This month I'll be making mini maps and telling stories about these places. I hope you join me. 

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