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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

For the Black Rabbit of Inle

I have the garden growing again. I have the mulch in but it needs to be weeded again. 

I have 2 tomatoes, 3 cucumber plants, 2 strawberries, 3 dill plants running wild, thyme, rosemary, basil, two sweet peppers, and a spicy pepper plant, plus some radishes. I have 2 empty slots. 

My daughter mentioned how her rabbit would love the garden. Hmm. Ideas sunk in. 

First, I don't know why she named The Black Rabbit of Inle, "Bo Bunny". Second, it'd be nice to have some plants around the house over the winter. 

The dill, strawberries, and thyme are holdouts from last year. They withstood the ash and fire, the lack of water and weeds. Bringing a few plants inside really couldn't be worse than what they weathered.  

I started another batch of seedlings. Cucumbers and oregano. Once they spout, I'll try some tomatoes and beans. The idea is to get a couple of liftable containers going outside this summer and bring them in for the fall and winter. 

The other half of this project is four more basement lights. LEDs with a Bluetooth controller. With a brighter basement, the garden may actually winter-over inside for next year. I have no idea if that will work, but that is my plan.

The worst-case scenario is The Black Bunny eats them all. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Launch the Fighters!

This is a preview of my spring modeling series. I am short a few TIE fighters, but I shall press on. 

All fighters launch!

What are we looking at? 16 Bandai Star Wars model sets, in 1:144 scale. I really like this scale for gaming. In reality, this is 26 different models, not counting the 2 I already completed. 

I figure I'll kick out 2 a week for 13 weeks, then revisit when I paint them. Behind the scenes, I'll be building one of each first, then painting them as examples. As I said, I am rather light on TIE fighters and heavy on TIE Advanced models. 

I really wish they made B-Wings in this scale. 

Like I mentioned the last time, unless these models are on sale on Amazon, you are better off elsewhere. My personal preference is Hobby Lobby due to the 40% off coupon. But they only have X-Wings and TIE's. For a bigger selection, try The Big Bad Toy Store. They are super consistent with pricing and shipping, but I go with Amazon for the random price drops. 

I do get remuneration from Amazon and DO NOT get anything from the Big Bad Toy Store or Hobby Lobby. It's just straight shooting on good prices.

Monday, February 1, 2021

1001st Post (or not) - The Countdown Is On

Edit - It turns out I goofed. This is not the 1001st post, its actually 950 something. I have 43 draft posts for upcoming reviews I planned for this year. Sorry about that. Carry on...

I have couple of projects coming up. As promised before, this spring I will be doing a series on the Bandai Star Wars Models. These are 1/144 scale models, except for the Falcon which seems to 1/350. I almost have everything I need, I want to get a few more TIE Fighters and X-Wings. 

The list so far is: 

4 A-Wings, 
2 First Order TIEs, 
2 Classic TIEs, 
2 New Style X-Wings, 
2 Falcons, 

2 AT-STs, and
2 Snowspeeders. 

I'm going to be real honest, Amazon's prices are not the best at first look. They fluctuate so some days they are a steal and others they are a rip off. If Amazon isn't working for you, try out Hobby Lobby or The Big Bad Toy Store. They are super consistent with pricing and shipping, but I go with Amazon for the random price drops.

Spring is 47 days away and summer is 91 days long. That puts me on a schedule of one or more models a week. I figure in fall I can do a series on painting models. 

In the meantime, what am I doing with those 47 days until spring? I am getting seeds ready to plant. I'm doing a garden this year. I hope to do some gaming garden side as I really enjoyed my outside posts last year. I figure the garden will be a suitable place to play some D&D. All I need is some chairs and a small table and we'll be set. 

Now I have one more mystery picture to share. 

What are they? 1440 3 mm rhinestones. What on earth could I do with those? You'll see.