Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Lake George Needs a Playlist

I've been quiet for a while. There's been a lot of work and hectic jobs around the house. This weekend, we are taking a day or two to visit Lake George, NY.

That's about 5 hours from here. So, a playlist is in order.

Lake George is one of our favorite places with a ton of history. Typically we go in the summer but I wanted to see it in the fall. They have a ton of great shops, restaurants, and of course, steamboats on the lake.  I have no idea which if any of these things will be open in the off-season. 

We'll find out. 

We need a good recharge moment and that starts with 5 hours of music before hitting the boardwalk. 

I have a feeling we'll need winter jackets over sunscreen. 

Now, it occurs to me that I created a free locals account for these sorts of off-topic posts. I've covered concerts, cooking, travel, art, etc. I should have posted this over there, but then I couldn't share the playlist. 

Anyway, Locals is a sort of place meant for a good paywall. They do have some great content... that isn't mine. My little piece of locals is to guard against a Google+-style collapse of the gaming universe. You can check out "The Map Bag" for free. Locals.com is heavily monetized but I have no intention of using that feature unless the world goes nuts. The aforementioned Bag has nothing to do with gaming but is the big ol' man purse I carry around my books, notes, dice, and games. It goes through life with me. 

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