Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Veldt by Ray Bradbury - Review

Title: The Veldt
Author: Ray Bradbury
Year: 1950
Pages: 17 pages
Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Here I am in the Wayback Machine. I love golden age sci-fi. Ray Bradbury was and still is one of the defining authors in this time period. 

I wouldn't normally review just one short story, but this short has appeared in dozens of collections. I first encountered it in audiotape form. One reader doing multiple voices. It was fascinating. 

This version is from the book, The Illustrated Man which is chocked full of golden age sci-fi, which is both amusing and terrifying. You can pick up a copy on Amazon. This is the portion of the post where you click the link which goes to Amazon and I get compensated if you buy. You can skip it and continue to read because there is better content below. #Ad 

The Veldt is a precursor to all of those Star Trek stories about the holodeck. A husband and wife buy a "the Happylife Home", a product that does everything for the inhabitants. The most important part was the nursery that displayed images on the walls for the amusement of children. The parents, George and Lydia soon discover how this can go awry when the children permanently set it for the African Veldt. Roars of lions flood the home. 

All 17 pages are predicated on self-sufficiency versus automation. When George and Lydia attempt to turn off the house to act for themselves and the betterment of their children, the outcome is tragic. 

You can view this one on youtube. This performance is totally low-fi and is my favorite. 

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