Monday, June 3, 2019

Three Character Study - Moral Creatures

This document was written as 3 character study, where 2 of the characters are children. The main intent was to create a realistic seeming conversation including children. I did not want idiots or wunderkind. I think I succeeded, but in free writing, created a rather dark story.

The secondary intent of this post was to imbed a Google doc into a blogger post, as can be done with Google sites. It's a bit tricky, but I think I nailed it down. 

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  1. I thought this was very, very good, and a strong tug at the heart strings. May main complaint is that I sometimes found it hard to know who was speaking due to a lack of "Sam/Robert/Cindy said" tags. With two people, you can usually tell, but with three it can get dicey.