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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


I like working in black and white, with a fine marker. Sometimes it works for me and other times, it doesn't. Most of the time, I lay down fine pencil lines to control the ink and erase later. The two Stave Churches on this page were direct to ink while the rest were inked over pencil.

Mash-up of a Master

I really love van Gogh. I did a couple of mashups of his work for an oil painting class.

Ironmen and Ironwomen

I wanted to get in to markers, but didn't really know where to start. The Iron Man drawings are with either sharpies (black and white) or Tul markers. They aren't very good markers and I really didn't understand that.

The final image was done with a full set of grey tone markers and despite being a copy of someone else's work, I am rather proud of the results.

Disney Cast Offs

I liked the idea of this painting, but lost interest. I will probably start over.

The last painting is oil paint, but with a knife instead of a brush. I really enjoyed the process despite not liking the results. 

That Horse Has Wacked Out Poo Brains, Part 2

More horse drawings and paintings. I find horses to be fascinating, but daunting as subject matter. The blue horse painting was done a Pinot's Pallet on our 15th anniversary. My wife also made a matching painting. There was no good classes that week, so I came up the the idea of incorporating a heart shape, a copy of a master and a horse. My wife had no idea what she was painting at the time.

Rough sketch for painting below.

Franz Marc style copy of a master.
The above painting as it was being worked.
I believe this is my wife's copy. 

A robo-horse from Robotech. 

That Horse Has Wacked Out Poo Brains, Part 1

I like drawing horses. I have collection of Equine themed artwork in a variety of media.

Horse Skull, chalk and charcoal
The waterhorse was for my wife, Kitty, before I gave her the nickname "Kitty". In the front leg of the first image, you can see where I was trying to work in a "J" and an "E". I was flummoxed as to how I would get an "N" in there, so I abandoned that plan.
Waterhorse - in progress. Sharpie .05

Waterhorse - complete. Sharpie .05

Waterhorse - Complete. Permanent Ink and Skin.
The tattoo artist was very good and there were only small changes. 
5 minute horse - completed, oil paint and post processing

Not Working Out

The first is my most recent, a landscape of downtown Buffalo.

Prior to the landscape, I attempted a sky-seascape with a castle in purples. I didn't care for it and painted over it.

Stary Night - Copy of a Master

Several years ago, I tried to copy Starry Night. It was fun, but the end results were lacking.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


This morning, I passed the time with some sketches using Tul Markers.

These markers are labeled “fine” but I find them a little fat. That is ok, this is my first attempt with using markers.
For my first subject, I picked a jaguar like creature from the zoo. All and all, I was pretty happy with the results.