Sunday, May 8, 2022

Lego TIE Fighter

At Christmas, I picked up a replacement X-Wing and TIE fighter lego set for my son, Nate. Amusingly, I also got a TIE fighter for Christmas. It took a couple of months to open it and put it together. 

I figure this is a good way to test a new way of displaying images from a Google Photo Album. It sort of looks like a Youtube Video, but if you mouse over it, you will get a controller to flip through the images. Additionally, you can simply wait 5 seconds for the image to change. 

If this works out, I probably use it for all of my photos. 

Anyway, I should mention that I am giving Rankuten ads one more try, so scroll to the bottom of the post if you need to purchase some Lego Products like this T.I.E. Fighter. 

As promised, here is your advertising link. Click the image to go to  

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