Monday, July 20, 2015

The Evil Reversal Hook

"The characters have proven their worth to the Horned One. They pursued the Hand of Light to the edges of the kingdom and captured him in an epic battle. On this day, they will assume their Mantles of Rank during the ritual of sacrifice. The Hand of Light will be extinguished forever, consolidating the Horned One's power with the elimination of the weak, as the prophecy foretold.

One last time, before the ceremonial shackles are transferred from the hands of the followers of the Horned One to the hands of the Light One, the enemies stand face to face in the darkness of a cell. Drums pound as the ritual begins in the next chamber.

The Hand of Light smirks and winks. A guard moves forward to strike him, but a quarrel arrests the motion. No harm can come to the Hand of Light except the final strike in the ritual chamber. The guards grumble profanities at the fate of their comrade but step over the corpse.

The Hand of Light pushes his way into position at the head of the hooded procession, and the final sacrifice stomps away with the clinking of shackles. Dim light, smoke, and heat pour from braziers around the ceremony chamber. The Hand of Light’s robe is a smudge of white before the altar. The High Priest of the Horned One steps forward, but the Hand of Light turns his back to him.

Or so it seemed. The ceremonial shackles click tight as the Hand of Light and Horned One of Chaos turn their attention to the sacrifice of the weak. Guards panic as the room erupts in cloying smoke, and the characters struggle to free themselves from the shackles that have secretly held them for many years. Madness reigns as the struggle for life and death rages in the ceremony chamber of Chaos…"

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