Friday, February 22, 2013


Years ago, I purchased some of my favorite modules in pdf format from DrivethruRPG. Once again, I could relive The Ghost Tower of Inverness, In Search of the Unknown, and Ghost of Lion Castle.
The pdf’s were wonderful. But starting about two weeks ago, I received an email advising me that new editions were available. What could have changed in just a few years on modules written decades ago? One quick download was very informative. Scanners have changed. File compression has changed. The first generation documents are washed out, blurry and big by comparison.
I know I raved to my friend about how great the modules were the first time I downloaded them, this time I am going rave about Wizards of the Coast and DrivethruRPG. After years, they remember me and asked me to redownload improved documents for free.
The improvements are incredible and I’m very happy with my purchases. If you have download from DrivethruRPG, check your email or account to see if any of your past purchases items have been updated.

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