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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Kindle Fire 7", 16 GB

I decided that if I wasn't upgrading the computer this year, I might as well update my Kindle. I had a Kindle Fire 7" inch with 8 GB of storage. As I am an avid gamer and download a lot of files from DriveThruRPG and listen to a lot of podcast, the 8 GB of internal memory was horrible. I was ending up with just 500 mb of memory and not every file I have or want. The 8 GB Kindles only have like 5 GB of storage before adding apps and books from the Amazon store. Even offloading apps and files to the 16 GB SD card wasn't working for me. 

However, the 7" size was perfect for me and I tricked it out with a hardcase with keyboard and stylus. The keyboard case is made by ZAGG and connects with bluetooth. 

The case left a little slop on the edge of the tablet, but it was perfect for holding the stylus. 

The keyboard and stylus combo was nice and responsive, but the lack of storage space hampered my use as a microcomputer. I just didn't have the apps necessary to get any work done. Painful. 

Since I was so invested in the 7" model, I went with a Twilight Blue version so I could reuse all of my accessories. This model is subsidized with Ads. For $15 more, I could have turned them off. I am not really a part of the Amazon ecosystem, but I decided to keep them so I know about new books. The Ads are far less pointed than Google Ads, so it's infrequent that I see something I want. But still, there is a chance that I could come across one that is useful. 

My primary purpose in this upgrade comes from a reader who wished epub had caught on over proprietary formats and pdfs. I intend to take a stab at updating my DriveThruRPG offerings in epub format. I need a good tool to see if the results are user-friendly.  Epub is superior to pdfs, but the real question is, do I have the skills necessary to create them. 

The new Fire is currently updating and pulling down all of my stuff from the cloud. Later today or tomorrow, I'll post about my new workflow now that I have a faux microcomputer available to me.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fire 7"

Oh, did the family score this Christmas. We each picked up a Fire, 7" Tablet.

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These little devices work with almost any computer. I tried it on a Windows 7 and a Chromebook and both worked well. I was able to make some magic and install Google Play and Google Drive without too much trouble.

Here we have DoubleTwist from the Google Play Store displaying Matt and Kim from Amazon Music.

Between the native Amazon app and the Play Store, I have the best mix of software available on Tabbies today. Below you can see my new favorite NewsHog, available from the Amazon store. It beast the heck out of Google News.

In the coming days, I am sure I will be adding more great software. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this thing.