Friday, March 13, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 073 – March 13th.

We are going to continue rolling at the Casino/Gambling Establishment. In 3 hours, we get the e071, which is a gambling mini-game which takes the rest of the day.

You put your money on the table and roll two dice. Doubles will win back whatever you bet (Break Even). 5 or 9 doubles your money while 3 or 11 triples it.

There is also a game called jackpot in which the only winning roll is a 12. That will net you 30 times your initial bet.

Jackpot has a 2.78% chance of winning, which a bad deal. In the other game you have 16.7% chance of breaking even with doubles. There is a 11.11% chance of rolling a five or a nine. There is also 5.56% chance of rolling a three or eleven. A little math helps here. Believe it or not, there is almost a 50-50 chance of not losing.

Emily and Duke both bet 5,000 in two independent games.

Emily rolls an 11 while Duke gets an 8 (a 6 and a 2). Duke loses 5,000 while Emily wins 15,000. We are up 10,000. We do it again, this time with 10,000 each. Duke rolls a 5 and Emily gets a 9. We doubled our money each. Third round. Duke decides to have a drink and hands out 9,000 secs. to the crew to play. I haven’t listed the crew in a while.

Die 1
Die 2
Ratchet1000156Lose 1000
Doc1000459Win 2000
Lefty1000145Win 2000
Deadeye1000616Lose 1000
Bones1000516Lose 1000
David1000257Lose 1000
Lucy1000246Lose 1000
Michael1000224Break Even
Jonathon1000538Lose 1000

Well, six of the crew lost, so Duke throws issues another 6,000 secs. to the losers so they can try again. Michael broke even, so he tries again, too. The winners each ante up another 1000 from their winnings and Emily and Duke join them with another 5,000 each.

Duke loses 5000 while Emily breaks even.

Die 1
Die 2
Ratchet1000224Break Even
Doc1000639Win 2000
Lefty10006612Break even
Deadeye1000224Break even
Bones1000549Win 2000
David1000549Win 2000
Lucy1000145Win 3000
Michael1000639Win 2000
Jonathon10005510Break Even

Duke foolishly drops 1000 on the Jackpot game and loses again. One last time, Duke tries his hand at the first game with a 5000 and rolls a 9. He doubles his money.


The crew is pretty happy now. They all have cash in their pockets. Collectively they took in 20,000.

Duke and Emily did worse, but managed to score 9,000 secs. Walking home with our winnings, we roll a 5 and nothing special happens. Isn’t that ominous?

I have 54,183 secs. We are wanted in the Palatek system.

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