Sunday, March 1, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 061 – March 1st

Obviously, I am trying to do something in particular. So we make 10 more rolls at the spaceport.

It takes all day, but I finally nail the roll I want. E036 – Buy a Starship. It costs 120,000 in cash. I got that. The ship is a Tech Level 1 ship, has no boat or guns and no crew. It has a single hypercharge, but I can buy up to 5 more for 500 secs. each.

Well, here comes the major rule breakage. I buy the ship for Emily as she is a pilot and heir to Duke's Smuggler Empire. Not much an Empire, but hey. This gives me a fleet of two ships. I suspect the rules weren’t designed for this but there is nothing saying I can’t do it. There are two rules, r220b and r220c which covers abandon crew and isolated crew. Neither really fits because I plan on having the two ships stick together. This would be no different than having Duke flitting around in the Hopper while the Antelope follows along.

We are going to sit tight at the spaceport and do some RRR tomorrow.

1 Antelope starship with TL-5 Guns. I owe nothing.
1 Boat guns, TL-2 in the cargo bay.
1 Hopper with boat guns, TL-3.
2 CU Status unit in Cockpit and Engineering, 8 1 CU Status units in Crew Quarters and 1 1 CU unit in Gunnery.
4 CU Status Unit (e103),
10 Fuel Units in the Ship’s Boat,
8 Repair units,
5 Life Support Units in the Ship’s boat.
7 PS-bots, 1 per character,
10 TL-1 military U-suits.
6 TL-1 Heavy Hand Weapons for sale, 4 for characters use,
7 Side Arms TL-1, 1 Side Arm TL-3, and one TL-4.
10 TL-4 heavy hand weapons with explosive effects
4 Doses of pheromones (e009) in Duke’s pocket.
and the ship is fueled with 6 hypercharges.

1 Antelope starship with no guns or ship’s boat,
1 TL-1 Ship’s Guns in the cargo bay.
1 Boat guns, TL-2 in the cargo bay.
and the ship is fueled with 6 hypercharges.

I have 54,171 secs. We are wanted in the Palatek system.

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