Sunday, March 8, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 068 – March 8th.

We are heading back to the Spaceport. On entry, we learn of a person we can bribe to enter an area on this planet without a contact/entry roll. It’s costs 25 secs times the multiplier table number. Cool. We select the military base. We pay at the time of entry.

We wasted time getting here and we need a day of RRR to fix the damage to the ships. We should also pick up some repair units, fuel and other stuff for the future. We are running low.

It takes all day, but we get the repair units we need. I buy 30 of them, at a price of 60. Not bad.

1 Antelope starship with TL-5 Guns. I owe nothing.
1 Hopper with boat guns, TL-3.

1 Boat guns, TL-2,
4 CU Status Unit (e103),
2 TL-4 heavy hand weapons with explosive effects,
5 Military U-suits (e044),
7 Side Arms TL-1,
10 repair units,
4 Doses of pheromones (e009) in Duke’s pocket,
and the ship is fueled with 4 hypercharges.

1 Alicorn starship with TL-1 Guns. We owe nothing.

1 TL-2 Boat guns,
10 repair units,
5 Military U-suits (e044)
10 TL-1 Heavy Hand Weapons,
and the ship is fueled with 4 hypercharges.

I have 50,096 secs. We are wanted in the Palatek system.

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