Monday, March 16, 2020

Alicorn Light Transport for Star Smuggler and Other Science Fiction Games

I named a second ship the Alicorn while playing, but this would be Emily's dream ship. It can be purchased at the outset or from e036.

This ship has 161 CU of space and is configured for crew comfort. It has dual bays, which are interchangeable, but most of the time the Boat Bay is on the port side. For humanitarian missions, sometimes both bays are for cargo or carries a hopper in each. The two cargo tanks can carry liquids and gases only, which can be mixed in any combination. They are plumbed to refuel the ship's hopper. Aside from this, they can only be loaded and reloaded from the exterior. They are not detachable. It does not have a stasis unit or hidden compartments. The Alicorn can take 8 hits before being destroyed.

The ship has an unusual set of hypercharges. It carries 5, but the fifth hypercharge is special. In an emergency, it can be used 3 times. If the fifth charge is used at all, the engine needs an overhaul before more hypercharges can be installed. The cost of this is 1000 secs. on top of the price for the hypercharges themselves.

If you would like to incorporate this into Star Smuggler, I have pricing and other information here to mix into e001 and e036.

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