Friday, January 31, 2020

The TEK - January 2020 Stats

Despite having a massive update to Kobold's Folly and The Compass Rose Inn Minisetting, sales and downloads were bad. However, as a bright spot, up to 250 people potentially received brand new files this month. One thing that probably hurt me was the fact that I replaced ads for my own products with DriveThruRPG's charity bundles for the wildfires down under. They need it more than I do. 

January 2020 Downloads via DriveThruRPG:
AD&D Character Sheet For Use with Unearthed Arcana - 1
Compass Rose Inn Minisetting - 3
Kobold Folly Minisetting - 5
Zero to Hero: Uncommon Commoners - 3
Swashbucklers Character Class - 6

Webstats were much better.

Webstats (Updated):
Google Analytics Pageviews - 1,608
Google Analytics Sessions - 1,034
Pageviews per Session - 1.56

Pageviews were up by 19.55% over last month. That's amazing.

What did I do last month? I started a daily post format for Strictly (Duke) Springer, a play through of Dwarfstar's Star Smuggler solo game. I implemented different ads, which doesn't seem to be working as intended. I also joined which is another outlet for communication. Earlier this month, folded. So, I lost one and gained one.

You would think that the code used for my ads would attract bots, and you may be right. However, I can't see them in my statistics. I was looking for a sudden and unexplained uptick in visitors from off signal countries like China or Russia, but that hasn't happened, for which I am grateful.

What is on the agenda for February? Not much. Fewer but better ads. I would like continue working with Matt Jackson on his Collaborative Dungeon Project. My D&D campaign has been on hiatus due to me returning to school this semester. I expect to be back on it soon enough, but maybe not before February ends.

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