Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Strictly (Duke) Springer - Day 029

We continue making rolls here in the spaceport.

We sell the ship’s boat, sans it’s guns. Those are nice guns. We make 6,000 secs. off of this one transaction.

We can sell FU at 5 each. We dump all 30 of them as we have no device that uses them. 150 secs. We can sell LSU for 10 each, so we also dump all but 4. Another 250 secs.

We have just enough time to pay on the ship and get to orbit.

Our assets are:

1 Antelope starship, which I owe 118,300 secs. in principle.
1 Stasis pod 2 CU, (In use, holding Emily.)
2 Repair units,
4 Life Support Units
1 U-bot,
7 PS-bots,
2 U-suit,
10 Heavy Hand Weapons,
10 Side Arms,
and the ship is fueled with 6 hypercharges.

1 Boat guns, TL-3,
5 U-suits.

I have 8,061 secs.

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