Sunday, September 22, 2019

Pregenerated Characters - Halflings - Level 3

These 3 third level characters are halflings, Razo, Emily and Bernie. Click the link to download the PDF file. These characters are almost ready to go. In generating ability scores, I made sure the range was acceptable in both D&D and AD&D. To convert these characters to straight AD&D, simply add or subtract the racial modifiers and class abilities.

As third level characters, they have a range of equipment which is both magic and mundane. In my campaign, halflings are invaders so they have a lot of strange equipment and are carrying a lot of money. 

This is my last batch of halflings for now. By the time a character reaches 3rd level, they start to have their own quirks and attributes, which limits the ability to use pre-genned characters for players in my mind. 

If there is a call for it in the comments, I will make DOCX and Google Doc file available as I have the PDFs. The reason I have not done this from the get go is that I created every character of a class in one document and print each page as a PDF.

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