Sunday, January 22, 2023

Nice 1/22/2023 Update - Email Response from Maverick

UPDATE 1/22/2023. These files are now available at BoardGameGeek and already have 22 downloads for a 40+ year old game. 

Last night, I received an email from The Maverick, the webmaster of He granted me permission to post my Star Smuggler tiles, suggesting Boardgamegeek as the best host. 

To be honest, I don't like hosting files myself, so I gave it a shot. There seems to be a turnaround process, so they aren't there yet. So, here is the link to a zip file. (Edit- I hate hosting my own files as I can't tell how many are downloaded from Google Drive.)

The original tiles had a strange quirk. They were labeled A-J with Asteroids. To create planets, you needed to match up two tiles. Invariably, one of those tiles needed to be upside down. In studying them, there was no permutation where you could have left and right tiles labeled A-J without having several flipped. You'd need a left-hand set and a right-hand set. 


I flipped each tile so that you don't have to have one upside down. This required relabeling all of the text so you didn't have one tile printed in the reverse. 

The process was super annoying, but I got it done. 

Just a reminder, I only have permission to post a link to these files. That is the extent of my ownership. Please download for personal use only and do not redistribute. I've been waiting a long time for this, please don't make me take it down. 

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