Friday, September 20, 2019

Pregenerated Characters - Commoners - Level 1 Group 1

These 3 first level characters are commoners, suitable for use as NPCs. Click here to download the PDF for Felice, Felix and Jim. These characters are almost ready to go in any campaign.

In generating these characters, I used the rules found in my book, Zero to Hero: Uncommon Commoners. It's available as PWYW at DriveThruRPG. In this book, commoners have a class and a level plus special skills. Their stats are generated with average dice and they have a target roll to perform the tricks of the trade. The base roll is 10 or better for level 1. They only roll when under extreme conditions, when rushing, etc. They gain experience via this mechanic, not through combat or treasure. They are limited to 5 levels and very often, would never advance past 2 or 3 levels.

If you do not have this rule set and are playing Basic D&D or a retroclone, these characters are zero level humans. Their stats are too high, but they have no weapon skills, except for Jim who can hunt normal animals with a bow at no penalty. He has a +1 vs. coyotes with his bow. Felice and Arthur's "weapons" are merely tools for travelers, they don't fight. They are a husband and wife team, both working with pack animals. They are adept at riding and training horses, mules and donkeys. Jim has left all his money at home as he doesn't need it when hunting, while the Animal Handlers are carrying enough coins to cover basic costs and to make change.

If you are playing AD&D, the DMG provides information on NPC types of characters. Older versions of D&D don't really account for skiled NPC without a class. They should roll attacks as normal men.

If there is a call for it in the comments, I will make DOCX and Google Doc file available as I have the PDFs. The reason I have not done this from the get go is that I created every character of a class in one document and print each page as a PDF.

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