Peninsula Of Plenty Maps

I have created a few Worldographer maps to flesh out my campaign for the Peninsula of Plenty. First is the world overview. Each hex is 6 miles. 

On the west coast, we have the Elven city. Directly to the north-west is the Dwarven city. 

Potamus Bay is the next area. While the area looks densely populated, each town and outpost is very small.

On the west coast is the human Empire's Capital and many outposts and cities. 

The final area is a the Tabletop region, the area that first came into my head for the setting. The name Tabletop comes from slabs of rock that make a natural series of piers for the southernmost town. Somehow the shoreline feature ate the in to the north. The "ruins" directly to the north of the town of Tabletop aren't abandoned. It was a keep that was never completed and has fallen into disrepair.

The last hand drawn map is of the Kobold Folly. It is actually located in the south portion of the Potamus Bay area and is indicated by ruins marker. From a human perspective, it is a ruin site, but the Kobolds have made it habitable again. Since this was a real folly, a miniature tower that was not intended for habitation, the Kobold tribe has restored it to it's original state. Aside from a tiny throne on the top level, there is no furnishings inside the folly itself. The underground area is appointed very well for a small community of Kobolds. Recently, curtains have appeared in the unglassed windows to keep out the cold.

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