Friday, July 17, 2020

Scale Model - The Villein's Byre House - Part 11

Ok, I was not back right away. 

Anyway, I started fitting the walls into place. 

This is a pretty rough house, meant for play over realism. So, I didn't trouble myself much when fitting the walls. In fact, I didn't measure anything other than the basic cuts. 

In the background are 4 tiny sticks of wood. I placed a wall section into the corner and glued it in place. The only place that needs to be accurate is the center two posts will be supporting a wall with a door. I will measure those later. 

To make sure the wall didn't extend into that space, I simply snapped off a piece of the wall with my finger nail. Those pieces will be jagged and rough, so I can use them for other details. 

Since this is going so slow, I wanted to see how the roof will look. I cut the jute cord with a scissors. 

And draped it over the top beam. One of two things is needed to make this work. The easy thing is make a cardboard underlining. Or cut more cord. I'll probably do both, since I have to finish the rounded end of the house anyway. 

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